Friday, January 25, 2008

canmore world cup - women's 10km free

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  1. this picture is an overcompensation from yesterday's classic sprint photos. i was using my long lens to blow out the backgrounds during the prelims, but then i looked at some of the other pro's shots, most of whom had gone a little wider so you could see some the mountain in the background.

    one of my frustrations up to that point was that i hadn't found a good spot to get a well-lit skier with the amazing canmore landscape in the background. so i decided to experiment.

    i still don't know that much about my flash. all i can do with it is set it at manual and take one photo at a time. so i was kinda gambling by taking a photo directly into the winter sun with my limited knowledge of flash exposure and the fact that i could only take one picture per skier.

    i found my spot in time to take about 10 test shots on skiers going by for warm-up. set the exposure, set the focus, and took one shot per skier.

    for how much i know about flash, i'm pretty happy with the results. i'm sure that someone who really knew what they were doing could really kill this shot. by next ski season, hopefully i'll have my technique down better and i can get some more images like this.