Monday, January 28, 2008

watching slideshows

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  1. benjamin and anna checking out holga photos of their new year's ice-skating outing on mom's laptop. the ice-skating was at a rink, not on mom's laptop.

    it only took me 300+ posts here, but i've finally figured out that the 800x533px image looks better if you sharpen it after you resize it down from the full image. dang. well, at least i know now.

    i think there is a huge value in knowing how to make a 600 to 800px image look good. it's how most of your images are going to get viewed these days. i've seen plenty of contests that ask for images that size.

    but what if you're really good at making mediocre images look good at web size? what happens when they want to see the real thing? is it kinda like putting a cucumber in your trousers?