Thursday, January 10, 2008

shopkeepers in mubende town

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  1. another shot for the calendar, depicting shopkeepers who practice family planning and therefore have the time and money to run a business and provide for their family. this woman is actually the store owner. i think the "husband" is someone brought in to play the part.

    there's something about the indirect light here (in uganda). maybe it's that all the buildings are concrete and have small windows and the sun is always straight up. indoor photos in the middle of the day always have such great light.

    these two aren't entirely in the shop, but it's still a pretty deep overhang, and there are lots of clothes, mattresses, mannequins, etc, blocking the light so it's nice and soft. i used a flash pointed at the tin roof in a number of the shots here, though now i can't remember if this is one.

    i'm most happy with their expressions. gets the proud shopkeeper across, i think.