Friday, January 4, 2008

fuel continues to be an issue

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  1. the same fuel station as yesterday. no rumors this time - the fuel tanker was there offloading and quite a following of consumers had arrived.

    things were pretty low-key apart from little shouting matches if someone cut the queue. i was surprised that tensions weren't higher - a lot of these guys don't eat if they don't get fuel in their motorcycles. the bodaboda drivers often don't own their bikes (bodabodas are taxi bikes). one told me that he pays the boss 8000 a day for his. he says he needs to earn 15000 a day minimum. 8000 (usd $4.60) for the boss, 4000 ($2.30) for housing, 2000 ($1.15) to eat, 1000 ($.58) for parking. no fuel, no riders.

    still haven't really gotten the right photo that shows all the elements of the story. no fuel. big crowds at the station. unhappy people.