Tuesday, January 22, 2008

freeman in the canmore 30km pursuit


  1. not so cold today. great day for racing and spectating and photoing.

    i got a lot of good shots with the long lens and the nice camera, but decided to show this one because of its unique viewpoint and good portrayal of the what kind of day it was and what kind of scenery canmore provides.

    most of the long lens shots could be anywhere. snow, skier against a dark background. so it was nice to get a shot with some atmosphere.

  2. Great photo! Is Freeman really grinning, or is he trying to keep his face from freezing?

  3. how close are you to the skier in this? Also did you give BNS the image rights for their catalog?

  4. how close? in this photo, Kris is probably 5 feet away from me. but the racers passed within maybe a foot of the camera at closest.

    BNS? yes, i did.