Wednesday, February 27, 2008

uno with avocado

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  1. thinking that it had been a month or two since i posted a picture of uno i figured enough time had passed and i could put another up without leaving the impression that this is just the phil's pictures of uno blog. it's been since may 2007! ack.

    sorry for the lapse, uno.

    to make up for it, i gave the ever-accommodating cat a prop and snapped a photo with the added bonus of showing off our newly-stuffed thai pillow cases. coincidently, we bought those in chiang mai about the same time that uno was last on PPAD. things happen fast around here.

    the light is playing a little bit of a trick, because you might think that the pit from the avocado is sticking out and lit from the upper left. actually the pit is a pit. the brown is just the husk left behind when i took that pit out.