Friday, February 22, 2008

that 70's phil

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  1. looking around at various pro photographer's sites, it's interesting to see the self portraits they take in preparation for a portrait sitting. testing the available light, testing how a flash bounces around, that kind of thing. these pictures are that kind of thing. learning how to use a flash, learning where to place a window to get the kind of light you're looking for.

    the top picture is just by the light of the window, see what that does, then figure out where to put some flash light. never did get an image with flash that i was happy with, so i messed around with the available-light image in photoshop and ended up with this.

    the bottom image is using a tube on the end of the flash to really concentrate the light on a specific area. looks pretty cool, but probably the kind of thing that stops looking cool if you do it more than one out of 100 images.

    it's a start. more to come, i'm sure.