Wednesday, February 6, 2008

blue jay on a log, agog


  1. this one took a while. the chickadees were no problem - in fact, i'm surprised that none landed on the end of my lens. the blue jays were super skittish, however. but their color looked great in the dull grey atmosphere so i wanted to get a shot.

    i ended up crouching against the corner of the house where i could see through the house through the windows to the trees where they were perching. when i saw one take off, i would focus on the railing and hope they would land there. i couldn't make any motions once they were in view, so i just had to focus in with my finger on the shutter. no adjustments allowed.

    after half an hour, this one landed in my viewfinder. i got this shot and the next one 1/5 of a second later with his tail receding in to the distance. thank god it was in focus.