Friday, February 8, 2008


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  1. another photo from the bar. i'm a bit front focused - sharp ear and hat, but i feel like it's less distracting than it could be because the in-focus parts are in the dark. i'm fine with photos from the bar that are a little blurry. it represents the atmosphere. the soft focus and soft light from the popcorn machine on his face give the image a quality that i feel matches his expression. preaches the necessity of your image being tack sharp. and i think it's generally true in sporty situations. the magic of a still photo in sports is that it stops a moment in time involving people moving so fast that you can't see with your own eyes what a camera can see in 1/1250 of a second. and you lose that magic if the point of peak action isn't also in crisp focus. but a photo of a guy in a bar at 1:30am doesn't have to play by those rules.

    that said, i wouldn't mind seeing how this picture would have turned out if i had gotten his eye in focus. oh well. next time.