Friday, February 8, 2008


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  1. three portraits from the sidelines of indoor ultimate at the midtown ywca in minneapolis. the light in there is terrible. it's just this yucky flat color. so the blue wall was key. i like how these turned out. neither dan nor reed knew i was taking their picture. pat definitely knew and was feeling uneasy about it, so i feel pretty good about getting a shot that looks natural.

    these all took a bit of messing about in the RAW converter to get the color back to natural. i never really adjust the white balance settings in the camera because i'm always shooting RAW and just deal with it in the computer. but over the course of a week, two different people told me about that dragonfly-eye lens thingy that you use to set your white balance. $100 is spendy for something i might never use. we'll see what the reviewers say.