Sunday, February 10, 2008

mike wazowski -mora vasaloppet


  1. nothing much to say about this. imdb mike wazowski if you don't know who he is.

    this was my one shooting location apart from the start and finish. chosen sight unseen from the course map. lucked out that 50 yards from the road crossing there was a good section of well-lit shadow-free trail with clean backgrounds and pretty yellow winter grass. very representative of the mora course as a whole.

    with 10-below temps, i wouldn't have been excited about walking around looking for better spots.

  2. Pretty sure I saw this guy at the Finlandia as well this weekend. Enjoying your blog and photos.

  3. thanks! i also saw a picture of him at city of lakes. there's a sully (mike's co-worker in monsters inc.) skier out there, too.

    eWAC is on my list now. good stuff.