Saturday, June 9, 2007

thai national anthem - bangkok train station


  1. the thai national anthem plays every day at 8am and 6pm. the whole country stops. there are loudspeakers on every streetcorner and the radio and tv stations cut to it. bikes, cars and buses stop, conversation ends and everyone stands. it is a surreal event.

    you know in movies where someone can stop time but they themselves can move around and marvel at everything? the spilled glass of water that hasn't hit the floor and shattered yet, the awkward faces of people mid-word in conversation, the bullet that has just left the gun... then the hero sets the glass of water on the table, laughs at the funny expressions on peoples faces and plucks the bullet out of the air before sitting back down where he was and turns time back on. we see the sudden return to commotion and sound and normal life with everyone behaving as though all that time in temporal stasis didn't exist (except for the killer wondering how he missed that shot).

    that's what it's like when the national anthem ends. it's like touching the unfreeze button and everyone goes back to their normal business.

    how do you take a photo of time standing still?

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