Saturday, June 23, 2007

rugby - uganda vs namibia


  1. shooting rugby is a challenge because i don't know where the action is going and with sports it's often a good idea to be ready for what's coming. this is only the second time i've shot rugby, however, so i'm ok with the lack of good images.

    i did recognize this billboard early on, though, and how cool it would be to get a tremendous collision between two bodies with Giving you more ways to always stay together in the background. this was the best i could do.

    uganda upset namibia 20-19. namibia is a world cup team and beat us by 70 points or something in the teams' last meeting.

  2. nice shot phil! i'm expecting to see other good ones in an email. i can practically pick out some of our cranes by their asses, is that weird??? miss you guys! kisses to the boys