Friday, June 8, 2007

how do you spell suh-wahr-ro?

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  1. i think most of my still-lifes involve food, so this is a fun departure. the obvious information is that it's a piece of coral that looks like a saguaro.

    the photographic success of this image is that i saw the coral on the beach, thought that i wanted to take a photo of it like a saguaro and walked back to our bungalow to get my camera and the right lens, went back to the beach and found the coral again and ignored the curious looks from the other beach-goers as i lay on my stomach with a big lens to get the shot i wanted.

    a small step, but it's one of my biggest limitations as a photographer besides travel money: not taking a photo that i see happening in front of me because i worry about what people around me might think.