Monday, June 4, 2007

taxi driver - koh tao thailand

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  1. this guy needed to have his picture taken. there was just too much personality. the taxi boats are crazy. maybe 30 feet long, and powered by a large block inline six that's balanced on a pivot. the propeller shaft comes straight out of the driveshaft (you can see the two-blade prop out of the water in the back, above the blue hose), and you steer moving the engine around with the boom attached to its front.

    everything about this guy reminded me of the sailors i've been around. good stuff.

    the challenge here was exposure, since he was under a shade and the whole background was water and sky. i didn't want to blow out the background because i wanted to see the beautiful white sand blue sky green palm paradise. but then he was too dark. if this were on film, i would have used some fill flash. but it's not, so i compromised (background a little too light, him a little too dark) and darkened the background and lightened him in photoshop.