Friday, June 29, 2007

kate is in the house


  1. now that i have my 70-200mm, my 135mm sits on the shelf guilting me into submission - remember when i was your favorite lens? and when it succeeds in getting me to pick it up again and take it for a spin i always am re-amazed at what a great lens it is.

    even though by the numbers i technically obseleted it when i got the 70-200mm, there is no way i would get rid of it. sentimentality, yes, but it also has an advantage to my white, thermos-sized zoom in that it is small and black. and that is a big help when trying to maintain a low profile and not intimidate your subject with a camera.

    especially for the uber self-conscious like me, there's no way i could take intimate photos with my 70-200mm. at least not yet

    kate was at our house for the day recuperating from a bicycle incident so i got some photos of her sitting on a chair and working on her letters and numbers.

  2. Nice shot, shame you cut his or her lips and nose off. Still a nice shot.