Wednesday, June 6, 2007

koh nangyuan thailand evening

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  1. the two koh nangyuan island shots are purely travelogue photos. i mean, i like them and all, but there was no intent behind them other than to get some pictures of the island where we were spending four+ days. i'd be happy showing these to my family so they can see where we went for our vacation but i'm not overly taken with them otherwise. pictures were few and far between here because we were generally in the water or on the sand.

    it was incredibly beautiful there in the kind of way that always makes you say "a picture won't do it justice" and you just buy the postcard. it didn't, and i did.

    they're taken from similar location. the big rock on the right in the morning shot is the big rock on the left in the evening shot.

    the water in the foreground is the bay where we did our "in pool" scuba skills classes before we went out to the open water.