Friday, April 6, 2007

really, they're just big cats - queen elizabeth natl park

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  1. one of the more fun aspects of being around the lions was seeing them behave just like cats. all the same mannerisms and interactions.

    there were 9 lions all sacked out under a tree just 10-15 yards off the 4WD track. they really didn't pay any attention to us, just looking up if we turned the car on to pull forward for a new angle. and it's not like they're used to humans, ishasha isn't an oft-visited park. i think they just don't really care about us because they know they can eat us if they want.

    the one thing i wished i could do photographing them was get down lower. but that would mean getting out of the car which for some reason isn't allowed. so i rested my lens on the door and fired away.