Saturday, April 7, 2007

acacia at sunset - queen elizabeth natl park

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  1. sometimes it's good to sit still and let a shot come to you. this was a case of seeing the shot from far away and being lucky that i was in a car so i could go get it before the moment had passed.

    the light appeared, and paige and i both noticed it and the acacia tree about the same time. so we briskly drove across the savanna until i had the sunbeam and the tree lined up how i wanted. i just shot this from the driver's seat.

    there were really dark clouds to the east, and i had actually been waiting for a long time for the sun to show up under the western clouds. that great light you get in the evening after a thunderstorm. i had been positioning myself to take advantage of that moment. it never came and i ended up shooting this photo in the opposite direction of what i had been expecting.