Sunday, April 8, 2007

evening birdwatching - queen elizabeth natl park


  1. i have quite a few photos of paige with a guide with the obligatory ak-47. i hardly even notice anymore. here looking for a talkative red-chested cuckoo who followed us all evening, but never showed.

    evening in the forest is not the easiest time to take photos, but my new lens sure helps. it wasn't nearly as bright as it looks. light filtering in from the treetops and dark backgrounds sure are nice, though.

    i've started shooting in RAW all the time now, but this image is the smallest, most compressed (least detailed) jpg straight from the camera. i couldn't get the RAW to look as good. equivalent pixel image size of a 2megapixel camera.

  2. Hey Paige and Phil!!! I miss you guys so much! Hope all is well in Uganda. I love the lighting in this photo, but it was so hard to decide which photo to comment on as they are all amazing! Keep in touch guys!