Sunday, April 8, 2007

it was a lot worse than it looks


  1. this shot is purely for descriptive purposes. 50km of road that looks like this months into the dry season. the sun is straight up, so it's hard to get an idea of the terrain of the "flat" road on the left, let alone the shape of the rollercoaster ruts at the right.

    the exhaust pipe broke right off where it bolts on to the manifold after driving this road back and forth. it's a wonder everything else stayed in one piece. there's no rust, it just broke.

    i took a few different shots of this in landscape and portrait and varying the focus, but none of them really gave the full effect. i guess you had to be there.

  2. I completely believe you when you say it was worse than it looks. I have memories of pushing ourselves out of the mud but the pictures make it look like I got out of the vehicle for some fresh air.