Sunday, April 8, 2007

elephant, big. - queen elizabeth natl park

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  1. lone male. in africa, these are not the animals to be around. it generally means they've been booted from the herd. now they're just pissed and looking for a way to take out some aggression and maybe win some respect to get back in the herd.

    i got a couple good shots of this guy from the side and then kept driving forward as he kept walking, me hoping to get in front of him for a couple good head-on shots. he got tired of us continually cutting off his path.

    this shot is just before he bluff-charged us, trumpeting and ears out and everything. i didn't get a shot of that because i was busy dropping my camera and paige was yelling at me to drive 'cos the passenger side of the car was about to get a head-butt.

    then we let him be and went to look for birds.