Tuesday, September 30, 2008

odin with his ravens

odin with ravens MN phil philip bowen photo photographer uganda


  1. if you've been following along, you know that odin has two ravens, huginn and muninn, who represent thought and memory.

    paige and i decided to get odin a birthday present and splurged on this amazing ceramic raven by local artists dan and lee ross. when we picked up the box from them, we found that they had generously contributed another raven to complete the pair.

    betsy says she thinks the small one is probably memory.

    after he opened them, i got some photos of odin and his ravens on the new deck at the farm. he was a very accommodating subject, as it was around 40 degrees out. kinda mean to make him cold, but the early morning light was so good...

  2. ps. in case you were wondering about the birthday label, those are pictures taken on people's birthdays - in this case, mine! though not necessarily birthday related. mostly started because i often go for hikes or something on my birthday. which i did today, but no spectacular photos.

  3. I think you should photo shop in some tiny people and cars, etc to make Odin look like a giant baby next to some giant sculptures in this picture.

  4. I don't think Odin could look MORE like his Grandpa Jim in this picture!

    xox Una (Ask Claire about my new name!)