Sunday, September 14, 2008

wedding portraits for emma & josh

emma & josh wedding MN phil philip bowen photo photographer uganda

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  1. nothing edgy or trendy about this wedding portrait. not that there's anything wrong with that. just a good, classic photo of two happy people psyched to spend always together.

    really happy about the light. recalling my comments from the other photo about trying to make the light look natural, i really feel like this one accomplishes that.

    i have a flash on camera and another on my voice-activated light stand (paige holding a flash) to camera right.

    admittedly i've never read any books on posing portraits (maybe that's a good thing) but i like the poses here. i think if the subject is relaxed, you're going to get natural, comfortable-looking people. that said, i do spend too much time concentrating on my equipment and sometimes forget to check for posture or whether the clothes are in order. it helps if your voice-activated light stand can also act as a stylist.