Tuesday, September 30, 2008

excavator with rock at betsy bowen studio

excavator with rock at betsy bowen studio MN phil philip bowen photo photographer uganda

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  1. road construction next to the old playhouse. all the workers were really cool. definitely a case of as you get older, your toys just get bigger. they let mom paint the sewer caps, as you can see.

    a couple days before as they were digging we commented on the rocks they were excavating from the street and how one would make a good sign. those rocks were big, like the size of an armchair or something. then one day a guy comes and says they have a rock for us. sitting in a front end loader is a boulder the size of a vw beetle.

    it was too heavy for the loader to transport so the excavator came to the rescue and set it down in front of the studio. one of the workers said the loader has an eight ton capacity and he estimated the rock at nine yards, or TEN TONS. nice.

    it doesn't really look that big in the picture, but notice the green-vested worker to help with scale.