Sunday, September 14, 2008

wedding portraits for emma & josh

josh and emma wedding MN phil philip bowen photo photographer uganda

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  1. pre-ceremony wedding portraits. everything about the morning was very informal, but that doesn't mean that i'm going to be happy with just some snaps. it was a very grey day, which i think actually adds some difficulty to flash photography.

    the common thought is that with less ambient light, it is easier to control the exposure and rely purely on your strobes to control your light. but i find that the light on my lit subjects can look a little un-natural (read: i need to be better at it). i want an image to look like flash wasn't used. when strobes are well-used, if you see a sunny day and brightly lit subject you assume that it's just daylight. but if you see brightly-lit subjects in a cloudy day, intuitively you wonder where that light came from.

    so here is a case of that. i like the setting and the expressions, but i wish the light were more natural. i'll play with the color balance some more to make the final product better.