Saturday, October 4, 2008

paige and odin over the atlantic

MN phil philip bowen photo photographer uganda


  1. how nice is it to have a point and shoot for airline travel? i like airports and airplanes for subject matter, but the big guns can be kinda hard to carry around and have at the ready when you're juggling three different bags or cramped in a tube with 300 other folks.

    as reported over at the anderson bowen blog, odin was a champion traveler and here's the proof.

    i took this photo three or four times before i got one i liked. paige looking at me, the guy fussing with his seat, the attendant in paige's glasses. so even in snaps i sometimes try for a good picture.

  2. Nice boppy. :) I think I have a couple like that....

  3. Oh my goodness guys, he is priceless! And Odin even slept on the plane, what more could you ask for?!?

    I guess being a good traveler must be somewhat genetic, he clearly takes after both parents there :)