Monday, September 1, 2008

odin, boy of destiny

close up of odin in a swing


  1. odin has a fuzzy car seat liner and we just discovered that it fits in to the infant swing here at the cabin. so he's been swinging a bit lately.

    getting sharp photos of swinging babies can be a challenge. coincidentally, i had chosen that day to play around with my 135mm f/2, which i hadn't been using in a while. wide open and focused in close, that lens has a depth of field of about half a millimeter.

    servo focusing and 8 frames a second helps a little, but even then it took a while to get some pictures i was happy with. i had both the near and the far eye in focus, but liked this one with the far eye better.

  2. I love that luminous, wise look in his eyes....beautiful baby.