Tuesday, September 23, 2008

phil and odin hangin in the hospital

odin in the hospital MN phil philip bowen photo photographer uganda

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  1. paige and i both really like this photo. an example that light, sharpness, exposure rules, and composition don't necessarily have to be spot on to make an image worth looking at. maybe the subject matter it isn't that interesting to anyone but us, but it's a good reminder to me that i don't need to get everything exactly just so to make a good photo. i tend to be light on the trigger and constantly refocus and recompose before shooting; sometimes in the process letting the photo pass me by.

    the first PPAD photo with our new canon powershot G9. sick little camera. i've bought and returned a number of point and shoots in the past couple years, and this is the one i'll keep. it shoots in RAW, which is a big component of why i like it. it's a solid little unit and feels like quality when you pick it up. all black, which is a plus for sure. high ISO quality is nowhere near my 1D or even my 20D but it's a point and shoot, whadda you gonna do? very quick shutter lag, which along with RAW capability is probably one of the most important aspects of a point and shoot.

    wishes? i wish the lens was faster than f/2.8 to f/4.8. my first canon G2 was f/2.0 to f/2.5 - way better. the selector wheel on the back is easy to bump, accidentally changing settings; especially annoying with movies. but for the most part, i'm a happy camper. and paige is using it, as this photo proves.