Sunday, April 27, 2008

sunday - victory lane, pearl of africa rally

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  1. rally is pretty big here. there is a local circuit, and when the international scene comes to town it gets as much press as soccer.

    i wanted to get out on the roads and see the action for real but...i didn't.

    paige and i stumbled on the prize giving ceremony as we were taking a sunday-afternoon drive around the city.

    i was just hanging out talking to people when i heard the MC say he would let the drivers put away their trophies before he gave them their champagne. so i rushed over to the podium to get the spray.

    snapped one photo to check my exposure and 5 seconds later it was game time. i was right in the middle of it and my camera was literally untouched. cool.

    one of the things that career sports photographers say that annoys me is "jubi" pronounced JUbee. "my buffer filled up so i didn't get the jubi". jubi is short for jubilation and refers to an athlete at the moment of peak excitement (crossing the finish line, national anthem just finished, that kind of thing).