Tuesday, April 22, 2008

paige at 25 weeks


  1. ha! i made a discovery today. my flash has a high-speed sync setting. usually, the fastest shutter speed that a camera can use with flash photography is 1/250th of a second. mostly that's fine. most sports photography happens faster than 1/250th of a second, though, and if you want to shoot outside in the sun, 1/250th is probably going to let in too much light, resulting in an overexposed (too bright) image.

    here is my first attempt. 1/4000th second at f/5.6 looking straight in to the sun.

    a lot of portraits are shot this way. next step is to change the white balence to blue and cover the flash with orange gel. that makes the sky even bluer while the flash-lit portions of the image (paige) retain natural tone.

    more to come.

  2. Very nice, Phil. Turning day to night is a great portrait technique. Paige looks beautiful! Thanks for dealing me in - I look forward to more great photos. - trock