Tuesday, April 29, 2008

paige at 26 weeks


  1. click the preggers label in the sidebar on the right or scroll on down to the march 15th paige photo to see what a difference 7 weeks makes. the bean is big. moving around plenty, too. this is the same outfit as the previous picture.

    i put a bare light bulb on the wall behind the belly and bounced some flash off the wall to the right so it lit paige up a bit and wasn't just a silhouette. the two color lights (warm CFL bulb behind paige and white flash off the white wall) makes some fun color, too.

    paige has been swimming some, so that's why her arms are tan. and the belly not so much. the bean enjoys swimming. calm and relaxed in the water, but then kicking up a storm once paige gets out.

  2. Hey, congratulations, you two! I've just had two random connections to you recently: I'm living in St. Paul and playing spring league Ultimate on a team with your soon-to-be-host, Seth Grossinger; and I'm doing some freelance design work with Andy Wood.

    A third connection is that Cailin is pregnant as well, and we are just a little ahead of you at 29 weeks! Good luck with the trip back and with the "bean"! We've been calling ours "Miss Swirly Pants".

    Take care!
    -David Huyck

  3. hey david!

    congrats yourself! looking forward to impending fatherhood.

    i just checked out your BoM portfolio. Wow. what a great collection. i love seeing carleton art majors continuing to be arty.

    i'm glad you called seth our soon-to-be-host, we sorta just sprung that on him and assumed he would say yes.