Thursday, April 23, 2009

some kids in mubende

ugandan kids in mubende phil bowen photographer kampala uganda


  1. for the most part i've made it a personal policy to not take this photo in uganda. it's just way too easy. you could take this picture 150 times a day anywhere in the country with zero risk and zero effort, staying well within your comfort zone.

    so i made it black and white and oversharpened it a little to complete the cliche.

    all that said, i fear this one will probably receive the most oohs and ahs from you and get the most comments.


    so why'd you take it this time? and why'd you publish it for all to see?

    well, because they were there, and because i had a camera and they were nice. as for the second question, i guess to make the point about why i don't take this photo. maybe generate some discussion.

  2. Oh Phil it's so beautiful!!!

    (is that the kind of thing you were looking for?)

  3. I do think the kid in the front left might grow up to look like charlie if he starts doing yard work (and road work) to build up those pecs...