Thursday, April 2, 2009

community health volunteer - west nile region uganda

community health volunteer phil bowen photo kampala uganda


  1. i spent three days this week gathering interviews and documenting program activities for a malaria project that operates in the west nile region of uganda. west nile is the northwest corner of uganda, on the border of sudan and d.r. congo. as you might imagine, it the the region of the country that's west of the what? the nile. (the albert, or white, nile as it flows north to sudan)

    among other images, i got portraits of my interviewees, and these were some of my faves.

    this home was immaculate and i loved the black-painted plaster walls. i was particularly happy with my lighting solution for this portrait. as was the story of my week, i had high-noon, equatorial sun outside, and pitch black windowless homes inside to place my subjects. this home had a window, but the thatch roofs hang nearly to the ground, letting in very little light.

    so i set my flash on the windowsill pointing outside, bouncing it off the underside of the thatch roof outside the window. made a great, diffuse light source coming in through the small window.

  2. what a regal-looking woman, phil. the green doilies are smashing also. yer lighting exploits are fun, no? have a great, equatorial week.


  3. I like the shoes on top of the wall...adds some human-ness to the otherwise immaculate house. Nice thatch, too.