Wednesday, April 1, 2009

mother and child - uganda west nile region

mother and child with mosquito net phil bowen photographer kampala uganda

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  1. i spent three days this week gathering interviews and documenting program activities for a malaria project that operates in the west nile region of uganda. west nile is the northwest corner of uganda, on the border of sudan and d.r. congo. as you might imagine, it the the region of the country that's west of the what? the nile. (the albert, or white, nile as it flows north to sudan)

    among other images, i got portraits of my interviewees, and these were some of my faves.

    i am finally getting to use my pocket wizards, which are radio triggers for my flash. you put one on top of your camera where the flash normally goes and plug the other in to the flash. voila! put the flash anywhere within a quarter mile and it fires when you pull the trigger.

    here i set the flash on top of the wall of the home above me to the left. there's no windows, so i could hardly see a thing. made focusing a challenge. i zoomed in the flash beam to concentrate the light in to a smaller area. (zooming also makes the light brighter per a given power setting, so batteries last longer, which was important because i had forgotten my aa charger in kampala)