Sunday, April 12, 2009

odin's first easter - byoona amagara, lake bunyonyi, uganda

playing cards lake bunyonyi philip bowen photo kampala uganda
dying easter eggs phil bowen photo kampala uganda
anderson bowen family portrait philip bowen photographer kampala uganda
odin finds his first easter egg philip bowen photo kampala uganda
odin and paige phil bowen photography kampala uganda


  1. we spent the four-day easter weekend on an island in lake bunyonyi, at a resort called byoona amagara. we went with some ten people, most of whom we knew and a few new ones. lake bunyonyi is a beautiful location. this was our third time there, each time staying in new accommodations. we have yet to find any complaints.

    it was cool and rainy for the most part, but the sun did break through for a while on saturday. we took advantage of it with some dugout canoeing. otherwise, lots of cards, scrabble, beer, and the like.

    a highlight for odin was participating in his very first easter egg hunt, and quite an elaborate one at that. we were on the yellow team as you can tell by our accoutrement.

    it was also odin's first camping trip. we did pretty well in our two-person tent and odin was super excited to wake up in the wilderness.

    photos? um, these were all taken with my wide angle lens and the flash on the camera. the egg-dying shot is bounced off the corrugated tin roof. good diffuse light source.

  2. I stayed at Byoona Amagara when I visited Lake Bunyonyi, too. Fun to see pictures of you guys there... it was a pretty fantastic spot.

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