Friday, April 10, 2009

chickens on the kabale road - uganda

chickens on the kabale road philip bowen photo kampala uganda
chickens on the kabale road phil bowen photographer kampala uganda


  1. there are so many crazy sights on the road - the opportunities for quick snaps of things you never would have thought you could have seen are pretty much endless. i'd like to devote a whole website to photos of livestock, large appliances, home furnishings, car parts, etc. tied to the tops of cars and the backs of bodabodas and bicycles.

    while not particularly great shots, here is a good example from the trip down to lake bunyonyi last wknd.

  2. Well, and the truly amazing thing is that they're all ALIVE! From the first shot, I assumed they were on their way to market . . . but from the second I see that they're very much alive and well (relatively speaking, of course!)! I suppose all their feet are tied together inside that pile?

    Anyway, thanks for taking these photos - I particularly enjoyed them! :) xo