Wednesday, April 22, 2009

fred in his barber shop - ssembabule town, uganda

fred the barber in ssembabule philip bowen photographer kampala uganda


  1. a container-car barber shop in ssembabule town. saw it when i was in the neighborhood and dropped by later with my camera. talked to fred a bit and took some photos.

    STOKED at how it turned out.

    what more is there to say?

  2. wow, what a wild place. did you get a shave?

    Took back the region in fine form.

    what type of template allows you to post the pictures so BIG?

    It was hard for me to not take the cliche pic, standing shoulder to shoulder with hundreds of people who now have the same picture, lost in digital obscurity. Maybe it has something to do with the idea of shared experience, the almost iconic picture of children in Africa or holding up the tower of Pisa. but you do a really great job of showing us a unique experience.