Sunday, August 10, 2008

odin leads paige in a round of calisthenics


  1. odin is amazingly active, especially when we wish he were sleeping. he does not like lying on the light bed anymore. his little legs are like pistons. always in some sort of pilates position. so i had paige see if she could match his movements for a minute.

    she actually did pretty well, but felt worked at the end. meanwhile, odin continued on for what seemed like hours. many people describe him as "alert".

    this picture was the best moment of synchronization that i was able to capture.

  2. Happy Delivery! I love the stretch circle you have going on with Odin. Any gossip?

    Serious problema: I need an address where I can send you all something while you're stateside. Pronto 'cause I start work on Monday.

    Mucho amor,