Thursday, August 7, 2008

blue light special - odin soaks up the vitamin d, day 2


  1. odin is spending all his time on top of a blue light that helps him with his high bilirubin levels. he looks like a little space man in the blue suit that holds him down on the light table.

    the intense blue light that comes through from behind gives an amazing effect, but i have yet to figure out how to capture it. it looks the coolest at night, but i need to figure out how to light his face.

    unfortunately his bili levels are remaining high even with the light therapy, so i'll have a couple more days to get the shot right.

  2. Here is my blue light shot recommendation:

    Totally dark room except for the blue light.

    Minimum aperture (F22+), minimum iso (200-), adjust your shutter speed to taste for best blue light effect... I would guess this will be something like a 5-15 second exposure.

    Shoot from a tripod using the self timer.

    AND use a hand held small flashlight to illuminate his face... you can experiment with masking the light with tape or just your hand to get the effect you want... also you might only want the flash light on for a second...