Friday, August 15, 2008

in focus - a.b. family portrait


  1. not too many photos of the photographer. and full family portraits have been few. so paige's mom hefted the 1D and threw down about 60 clicks in two minutes.

    we got some really good ones. fun! this was probably the best one of odin in terms of his eyes and expression. it was just slightly back focused, though, with paige's thumb being spot on. so to make odin the focus of the picture (how could he not be) i blew out the rest of the image with some lens blur in photoshop.

    light supplied by nature.

  2. Oh . . . my . . . gawd. If that's not a B - - - - (insert rest of your last name here, Phili)!!!

    Hee hee! WHAT a cutie! You two did GOOD!