Thursday, August 14, 2008

odin and paige on the dock at fox lake

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  1. great late evening light on the dock at fox lake. mostly confined to his light blanket, this was odin's first trip down to the lake.

    so i'm in a new but similar situation. before it was trying to take pregnancy photos that didn't look like every other pregnancy photo that had come before (except for the good ones, i guess). now trying for baby pictures that aren't exactly the same as every other DSLR-owning dad on the planet.

    i guess one difference is that no one else is taking photos of our newborn.

    i normally do well at editing all my images. as with my possessions in life, i try to get rid of the chaff without too much sentiment. i will definitely be put to the test with baby pics, though. hard to get down to 5 when you have 50 pics that are all pretty cute.