Tuesday, August 26, 2008

odin got his passport!

odin with his new passport phil philip bowen photo photographer

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  1. odin's passport came in a week! we paid the extra $60 for hurry-up 'cos it would have sucked if we were stressing in the days leading up to uganda departure, but i was still surprised by how fast it was.

    the passport situation is well documented here so i won't re-hash it.

    this panasonic is the latest in a line of point and shoots that i like but i just can't deal with the image quality. it makes this weird sort of ripple effect on the jpegs that isn't ok. and it doesn't shoot RAW. i think the G9 is the way to go.

    they're new since i got my most recent one in 2006 (name change). pictures inside of national landmarks, thick cover with embedded electronics, etc.