Friday, October 10, 2008

phil's birthday present

thinktank international v2.0 phil philip bowen photo photographer uganda

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  1. ok, how sick is this? the think tank photo airport international v2.0 is my first real photo bag. as you can see, it holds a lot of stuff. and totally customizable. we have here 2x dslr bodies, 3x hard drives, my leica 35mm film camera, 2x extra batteries, battery charger, assorted cables, 70-200mm lens, 16-35mm lens, 135mm lens, 50mm lens, plus lots of little extras in the front.

    this bag basically replaced three bags i had been using before, and made the trip back here to UG possible, in terms of dealing with all our regular stuff + the boy of destiny.

    you know those chrome tube things at the gate that are supposed to show how big your carry-on can be, and there's no way that any carry-on can fit in it? this fits it. meets all international requirements. has wheels, tsa locks, the works.

    now i just need a 400mm lens to prove that a 400mm lens fits in it.