Monday, October 20, 2008

rainbodin - odin in his fuzzi bunz

odin in his fuzzi bunz phil philip bowen photo photographer uganda


  1. here is odin with each of his eight colors of size small fuzzi bunz. i think we have all the same color mediums, too, and maybe some prints as well.

    taken over the course of the last two weeks whenever odin had a new color on and didn't have any clothes on. i didn't undress him specifically for the pictures ever, because sometimes that makes him ornery and i already had one ornery shot.

    i just used a flash and put him on the floor next to the changing table. the flash does all the work, so he looks the same each time. no daylight or or other lights changing the light.

    you can click the image to see it BIG.

    what's your favorite color/pose?

  2. Okay, that is just TOO adorable!

    You should do a shot like this over the course of time. Say, from 1 - 12 mos. (or whatever) to see how he changes/grows.

    Favorites? The orange "face" . . . followed by the dark blue (life is SOOOOO unfair!).


  3. oh my goodness - odin and the photo arrangement are spectacular! hope you guys are well.