Friday, October 24, 2008

sister holds odin

sister holds odin phil philip bowen photo photographer uganda


  1. What a beautiful photo!

    Looks to me like she's in LUV! :)

  2. there was an all-staff meeting today here at MIHV uganda hq (our house). we did staff photos afterward. a number of folks got individual pics with odin, too.

    it's hard to expose BLACK skin and WHITE skin together correctly. the parallel that comes to mind is a black tux and white wedding dress together. btw, expose for the dress - she definitely wants to see the detail in the dress and he has no problem if his rented tux comes out flat black.

    i did the black and white conversion entirely in lightroom. only sharpened in photoshop. it has a multi-channel grayscale mixer that i didn't know was there before. so it gives you a lot of control. for instance getting her hair highlights to show and the green background to disappear.

    pretty happy with this. the only thing that comes out a little weird (if you can look at the color version side by side) is the color of odin's shirt, which is darker than this would lead you to believe.

  3. Phil - I have to say "Most beautiful picture I've ever seen" You are an amazing photographer!!
    You capture the moment, I feel like I'm there with you and your family. It's so good to see you doing so well, I am smiling from ear to ear as I look at your life captured in your pictures.
    Love & Miss you - Traci