Sunday, December 7, 2008

paige at sunset - kampala, uganda

paige at sunset phil philip bowen photo photographer kampala uganda


  1. playing around with my canon G9 using an external flash. also have a good hair light in the setting sun. although it's an effect i most associate with 80's era HS senior photos, if you look around now it seems like every portrait with a thought-out lighting design uses some sort of hair/rim light.

    movies, too. although, i'm realizing that constantly thinking about lighting could take some of the fun away from movie-watching. there are a lot of continuity issues that pop up when you're looking at the light.

    anyway, the G9 is cool in that it has a hotshoe so you can use a real flash. not that i'd do it that much - it's kind of awkward to use it when the flash is twice the size of the camera. but i could see putting a radio trigger up there or something.

  2. Phil:

    A. Congratulations on your little Odin.
    B. I saw your animal photos at Betsy's show--FABULOUS!
    C. This photo of Paige is incredible. I think you've found your new calling.
    D. You rock!

    Ann Mershon