Saturday, December 27, 2008

bet giorgis - st george's church, lalibela ethiopia

bet giorgis st. george's church lalibela ethiopia phil philip bowen photo photographer kampala uganda


  1. finally a picture of one of the stone hewn churches of lalibela. not that this will give you an accurate idea of how amazing they are. i did not have success figuring out how to communicate what these churches were in one photo.

    this is the morning we left. i hiked up early because all the pictures i had were super high contrast sun and shadow. aside from the light, it was nice to get the context of the pilgrims at the site and not the crowds of tourists. (although there was never what i would call crowds. lalibela is pretty remote and pretty unknown.)

  2. cara que legal, o que é isso?

  3. if anyone out there speaks portuguese(?) feel free to tell anonymous that this is the view of the roof of one of lalibela's rock hewn churches. the church (and therefore the hole around it) is about 11 meters high. the interior of the church is carved out into rooms and regular services are held there.