Thursday, December 25, 2008

merry christmas from phil and odin!

odin stands tall phil philip bowen photo photographer kampala uganda


  1. part of being a dad for me is figuring out all the cool things that odin can do ahead of schedule.

    that said, i'm not sure where balancing on hands fits in but i thought it was pretty sweet for a four-month, 23 day-old kiddo.

  2. Clearly advanced, but how much? What's the normal age for hand-balancing?

    annesiv, and Happy New Year!

  3. what an athletic little sprout!

  4. You should definitely crop this and make it Odin's new FB profile pic!

  5. Ha! Happy New Year Odin and spotter Dad.

  6. I love how Odin's facial expression and body posture is as if he was just strolling down the street, casual as anything!

    And, the pure joy in Dad's face ain't bad, either!

    Happy New Year to you three! We'll be in the Good Harbor Hill area down Cardinal Lane.


  7. This would be WAY cooler if you were holding him over a box of broken glass or an aquarium full of ravenous Great White sharks.

    THAT would be advanced.