Wednesday, November 12, 2008

razor wire fence, kampala

razor wire fence phil philip bowen photo photographer kampala uganda


  1. the problem with doing this digital is that by now everyone assumes there is plenty of photoshop trickery going on. other than converting to black and white (via a kodak tri-x conversion) and adding some noise before i downsized to 700px square, this is just as the camera saw it. that's what i was saying yesterday about having fun with this new lens and the surprises when you see the image.

    this is late evening light. everything is in shade except the razor wire which is catching the sun, hence how much it stands out.

    with this lens, i'm shooting everything at f/5.6 and iso 400. since i'm going for a film look (tri-x at that, which is an asa 400 film) the little extra noise of iso 400 is a good thing. and f/5.6 because any wider and the entire image is super-soft. it's really interesting to shoot the same picture at f/1.4, 2, 2.8, 4, and 5.6 and see how much it changes. at f/1.4 the entire image is almost uniformly blurry edge to edge. f/4 is pretty good, but 5.6 gives the best combination of depth of field, large area of the image in focus, and still plenty fast enough to use in low light.

    ok, more to come.

  2. i can see the allure of the new "experiments with lens" phil. great stuff. as always, the documentation of f-stops and other commentary is much appreciated. very much learning a language for me. your senses for what will happen must be very well developed at this point -- but i enjoy reading about the process!